Heliocare Glow and Protect Cracker


Heliocare Glow & Protect
Heliocare 360 Colour
Oil Free Beige
Heliocare 360 Colour
Oil Free Bronze

Double ended blending brush

Heliocare compact mirror

Presented in Christmas
cracker gift box


Key features and benefits
Protect your skin and get natural

looking, radiant coverage this winter in one simple step!
Your Heliocare Glow & Protect set contains two of the most popular shades of Heliocare 360 ̊ oil free
colour range (Beige and Bronze) PLUS a double ended blending brush, so you can blend the two to create
your perfect shade. Perfect for you to get your glow on this festive season!

Broad spectrum protection against UVA, UVB, blue light and
infrared A

anti oxidant
defence with Fernblock DNA repair enzymes

Natural looking foundation coverage
Matte finish
Blend to customise your shade

Suited for skin tones 1-3
How to use
Apply the appropriate combination of product to the back of your hand and blend using the provided
brush. Overall, you should be applying a full finger length of product for the face

Two for the neck as well.
Apply to the face using your brush making sure you get full, even coverage up to the hairline and around
the eyes, taking care not to get product into the eyes.
Heliocare should be used every day,
rain or shine, and should always be the last product you apply in the morning
Buy all together in this xmas cracker and save £9.99 plus mirror with purchase.


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