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Heliocare Oil Free Gel

Biretix Duo

Heliocare compact mirror

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features and benefits
Combines the ultimate daily sun protection (that doesn’t clog pores!) with an active serum to clear and
prevent blemishes.
For skin prone to spots, simplicity in skincare is often key. With just two products you can give your skin
the daily protection it needs from the sun and blue light AND reduce the appearance of spots
all you need is the Clear and Protect Kit!
Heliocare 360 ̊ Oil Free Gel

Broad spectrum protection against UVA,
UVB, blue light and infrared A
anti-oxidant defence with Fernblock

DNA repair enzymes

Mattifying finish

Non comedogenic

Suited for all skin
Biretix Duo Fights bacteria that can lead to spots

Increases exfoliation and prevents blocked pores

Clarifies the skin

Powerhouse of BIOPEP 15, Vitamin A and salicylic acid

Non comedogenic

Suited for
all skin
How to use
Every morning apply a pea sized amount of Biretix
Duo to cleansed skin, avoiding contact with the eyes,
and allow to absorb.
Once absorbed, apply approximately a full finger length of Heliocare 360 ̊ Oil Free Gel to the face ensuring
that you apply product evenly. Make sure you get full coverage up to the hairline and around the eyes,
taking care not to get product into the eyes.
Heliocare should be used every day,rain or shine, and should always be the last product you apply in the
In the evening, apply a pea

sized amount of Biretix Duo to cleansed skin, avoiding contact with the eyes,
and allow to absorb

Duo Gel

The powerhouse in the Biretix range
a gentle but highly effective daily use gel that’s clinically proven to
help reduce the appearance and development of spots and blemishes.

 Spot Prone Skin

 Lines & Wrinkles

 Lax Skin

 Dull Skin
Biretix Duo is a light gel that absorbs quickly into the skin and features a sophisticated and powerful
combination of ingredients to help to improve spot prone skin.
A powerful and unique Vitamin A technology helps to increase exfoliation and prevent pores
from becoming blocked, while still being gentle to your skin.
Salicylic acid adds to this exfoliation and helps to clarify the skin while a third ingredient


helps to fight the bacteria in skin that can lead to spots. You can see why we call
it a powerhouse!

 to help fight the bacteria that can lead to spots, and reduce inflammation

Vitamin A
 increasing exfoliating and preventing blocked pores

Salicylic acid

another great exfoliant, particularly
for spot prone skin


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