Venous Lake


What is a venous lake ?

Lesions that  are usually found on the lip area. 

What causes a venous lake to appear on the lips ?

The most common cause is usually due to chronic sun damage This can cause damage to the walls of the superficial veins , thus resulting in an appearance of a dark purple elevated papule. At times this can become tender and sometimes patients experience bleeding .

Can my venous lake be removed safely ?

Our team are very experienced in treating venous lakes.  The Lesion that is unsightly can be removed by destroying the lesion.  This is treated using a Laser treatment: the Harmony XL  Long pulsed dye laser . This targets the blood in the enlarged vein, heating it up and causing the vessel to shrink. This results in a scab  forming which will heal over a couple of weeks following your treatment.

  • Procedure Time – From 15 minutes
  • Back to Work – Immediately but you will have the appearance of a scab to the lip area.
  • Anaesthetic – Not  always required
  • Sensitivity Period – One week+
  • Visible Results – 4 weeks – with permanent results of the treatment once healed.
  • Number of Treatments – 1 to 2, this will be discussed with you during treatment.
  • Possible Side Effects – Soreness, swelling, blistering, small scar, scabbing.
  • Duration of Results – Permanent

Book a consultation with one of our Advanced Laser Technicians,  to find  out   how we can treat your venous lake

Consultations are free of charge. If you decide to go ahead with treatment a test patch is required and will be charged at £25.00.