Chemical Peels

At True You Skin Clinics, we offer a number of chemical peels and these will be tailored to each individuals’ needs, your specific skin type or the condition to be treated.

We provide peels using Zein Obagi and AlumierMD skin care products at birth our Leeds and Bradford clinics.

Peels include superficial, medium and deep, depending on the strength required.

A New and Exciting Treatment available at True You Skin Clinics is the Perfect Peel. This is a blended peel with no skin preparation that leaves skin younger and healthier after just one treatment.

What Chemical Peels do we offer?

AlumierMD – 

Zein Obagi 

Perfect Peel

Who is Suitable For Chemical Peels?

Generally, fair-skinned and light-haired patients are ideal candidates for chemical peels. Darker skin types may also have good results, depending upon the type of problem being treated.

Who is contraindicated for chemical peels?

Pregnant and lactating women are not suitable.
Skin cancer
Active herpes
Unstable diabetes

What should I expect during my chemical peel treatment?

Before applying the peel, the skin is prepped. Once the skin is ready, the peel is quickly and evenly applied. 

 A mild lotion or cream may be applied after a superficial or medium-depth peel to help soothe the skin. .

What should I expect following my chemical peel treatment?

The following information shows what to expect after each type of peel.

Type of Peel: Superficial

Healing Time: 1 – 7 days

At-home Care: Skin will be red. After the redness disappears, you may experience some dryness which may last 3 – 7 days. You may be required to use specific skin products following your peel to ensure your skin is hydrated including an SPF 50

Wearing Makeup: A mineral make up may be used immediately after the peel, but sometimes the next day

Follow-up Visit: No. However, 3 to 5 light peels may be necessary, so you may need to return once every 2 weeks  to see desired results.

Type of Peel: Medium

Healing Time: 7 – 14 days

At-home Care: Skin may be dry and red some people may experience slightswelling. Eyelids may swell. . Skin may be very dry crusts may form and peels off in 7 – 14 days.

Wearing Makeup: Mineral make up may be worn immediately following your peels. Otherwise 12 hours. You will be expected to wear an SPF 50. You will be required to use skinproducts from your practitioner following your peel & total avoidance of the sun until skin heals

Follow-up Visit: Yes. Follow-up visit required after the procedure.

Type of Peel: Deep

Healing Time: 14 – 21 days

At-home Care: You will have been provided with skin preparation products and products to use following your peel. Total sun avoidance 12 weeks. then SPF 50

Wearing Makeup: At least 14 days before can apply makeup. Immediately if this is a mineral make up.

Follow-up Visit: Yes.

What are the common side effects?

May cause increased sensitivity, stinging, itching, redness and tightness.

After care advice
Avoid sweating, exercising, hot baths or showers, scrubbing, picking or rubbing of the skin. SPF must be worn for a minimum of 3 days. No make-up for 12 hours following treatment. If using Retinol, please refrain from using for 1 week.


Consultation –  £30

Alumier MD Glow Peel £120

Alumier tailored peels start from £90

Perfect Peel – £395

ZO Stimulating Peel – £95

ZO Stimulating Peels with booster £120 

ZO Three Stage Medical Peel – £395

Concerns Treated

Forehead & Frown Lines
Poor Complexion
Sun Damage


For more information please contact our Nurse Practitioner on +44(0)1133458682.


Book a consultation

Leeds: 0113 345 8682

Bradford: 01274 622480

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Holli is very friendly and professional. I enjoyed getting my relaxing hydrafacial and my eye lash tint for my holiday! Thank you.
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Fantastic treatment. So pleased with my results. So friendly too was made so at ease. Highly recommend xXx
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Leah is fab and so patient as I am so soft and have no pain threshold, worth the pain to see the fantastic results 💙💛🤍😘😘😘
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