At True You skin clinics we offer a wide range of treatments that can be easily treated by Advanced Electrolysis.  Electrolysis involves using a very small probe that is inserted into the skin blemish. This generates heat and destroys the blood supply to these vessels.

Who is suitable for Advanced Cosmetic Procedures?

Skin Tags
Facial Thread Veins
Blood spots
Sebaceous Hyperplasia
Milia (white spots)
Seborrhoeis keratosis
Liver spots /age spots
Mole reduction
Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra
Hair removal
Sebaceous cysts

Who is contraindicated to having Advanced Cosmetic Procedures?

People who suffer with any of the following may be unsuitable for treatment, depending on which skin blemish is to be treated. Our nurse practitioner will discuss this with you.

High blood pressure
Taking anti coagulants
Pregnant or breast feeding
Kelloid scarring
Sunburnt skin
Active infection to the treated area

What should I expect during my procedure?

Each procedure is different and every individual has varying pain thresholds. A number of different factors contribute to your pain threshold, these include; if you are on your period , if you are tired, medication, stress and the area to be treated. You may experience a slight stinging / short pin prick sensation. Most clients find the treatment to be tolerable and are pleased with the quick acting results and are very positive about the experience.

We undertake the treatments in blocks of 15 mins and depending on the blemish to be treated you may be asked to return in 4 weekly intervals.

Spacing treatments ensures your skin is not over-treated and we aim for the best possible outcomes.

What should I expect following my treatment?

Following your treatment, the area may be red and slightly swollen and warm. Our practitioner will apply an aloe vera gel – this will help to cool the area and will aid to reduce any swelling.

What are the common side effects?

The side effects will vary and depend upon the treatment you have undertaken. Our practitioner will discuss these in more detail with you for specific blemishes. Common side effects include; redness, heat, swelling, bruising, itching and sensitivity to the area.

After Care Advice

You will be asked to apply aloe vera gel to the treated area until the area has healed, a minimum of 7 days . You will be asked not to touch the area and, under no circumstances, remove any crusts that may appear.

The area may be washed using only a gentle cleanser and tepid water, patted dry with a soft towel.

Exercise must be avoided for 48 hours to avoid sweating or dilation of the capillaries. You must not fly for 48 hours.

No swimming for at least 48 hours and refrain from exposure to sunbeds, sun and saunas for 4 weeks following treatment.

Tanning lotions, perfumes, soaps, or aggressive cleansers should also be avoided until the skin has healed.


Facial Thread Veins – £50

Millia Removal – £50

Skin Blemish – £50

Skin Tag Removal (up to 5) – £50

Varucca – £50

Wart Removal – £50

Concerns Treated

For more information please contact our Nurse Practitioner.


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