PDO Thread Lift

Lifting treatments that are using special threads have been executed for several years. On the market appeared different kind of threads: Silhouette, Aptos and Happy Lift. The latest product used in such treatments is called a PDO thread. In contrast to the previously used threads, PDO thread does not have hooks or tapers that rise tissue. Lifting effect is achieved by a special thread weave and polydioxanone which has properties that stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It is the substance from which threads are made of.

Our Nurse Practitioner has undergone extensive training in PDO Thread Lifts, more recently training with Dr Otto the Leading physician in PDO thread training throughout the world.

About the Treatment

PDO Beauty Lift Threads were created five years ago in South Korea and are currently used in many countries (Japan, USA, Brazil, Russia and Western Europe).

PDO Beauty Lift Threads introduction technology is based on using the natural skin tension lines, which also causes an effect similar to a surgical facelift.

Thanks to the PDO Beauty Lift Threads, we can also limit the strength of facial muscles and get the aesthetic effects close to that of administration of botulinum toxin – muscle relaxation and smooth facial features. The aesthetic effect is more natural than after administration of botulinum toxin because it does not fix mimic muscles in place, but only affects them by weakening their effect.

By introducing the PDO Beauty Lift Threads in the skin, we get immediate improvement in its appearance. After about 10-14 days, begins the synthesis with the body’s natural proteins (collagen and elastin). This process continues throughout the period of maintaining the threads in the body (up to 240 days). The resulting aesthetic effects persist typically up to 24 months.

When using the thread, we are strengthening the influence on the sagging tissue. Due to the rapid absorption of thread, there is no risk of thickening and scarring, as it happens in cases of using large diameter fibres and threads with long period of biodegradability (over a year).

What are the main indications for the use of PDO threads?

On the face:

• Vertical and horizontal forehead wrinkles

• Forehead, reduced outer edges of the eyebrows, slender, soft tissue, drooping eyebrows

• Lower eyelid – bags

• Cheeks

• Clear nasal-labial folds

• The groove buccal-zygomatic

• Double chin

• The puppet fold

• V-lifting

• Drooping cheeks and the area under the lower jaw

• Folds of skin on the cheek

• Wrinkled cheeks

On the body:

• The folds and wrinkles of the skin on the neck and décolleté

• Sagging tissue

• Insensitive skin and subcutaneous tissue

(especially after liposuction)

• Obesity – arms, abdomen

What happens during PDO Thread Lift treatment?

The procedure usually takes 30 – 60 minutes and is practically painless. Additionally, you can perform local anesthesia by using an anesthetic cream. Points of entry are identified for the needle and thread input lines under the skin.

After determining the scope of the treatment, the needles are placed into the subcutaneous tissue. Needles are placed at specific points on the face to get the most effective skin tightening effect. When you invoke the aesthetic effect, involving muscle relaxation, the threads enter deeper into the skin, directly into the facial muscles.

Due to the low invasive nature of the procedure, no complications, immediate effects, no discomfort, treatments with PDO threads may soon dominate the aesthetic medicine market, especially since the results achieved are similar to surgical procedures.

What happens following PDO Thread Lift treatment?

The effects of the treatment can be seen immediately, but keep in mind that formation of new collagen starts after 10-14 days and then it really starts to show relevant effects of the treatment.

Who is suitable for the PDO Thread Lift treatment?

Lifting PDO Beauty Lift Threads is a treatment dedicated primarily for patients aged 30-65 years.

Who is unsuitable for the PDO Thread Lift treatment?

People who suffer from the following conditions

Bleeding disorders
Previous facial surgery may be contraindicated
active acne
Active infection
Preganant or lactating women

What are the common side effects?

Immediately after the treatment, the skin might be slightly reddened and slight bruising might appear. They usually disappear within a few days.

Aftercare Advice

You will be require not to wear make up for 24 hours Abstain from exercise for 48 hours Avoid any abrasive skin cleanser for 12 hours You will be required to attend a follow up appointment 2 weeks after treatment. If you are having deeper threads inserted you may be required to take antibiotics an hour before treatment for 3 days following You will be provided with an after care leaflet that will go through your aftercare in details. Should you require any further information about your PDO Thread treatment then please do not hesitate to contact our clinic


PDO Thread Lift (non-surgical facelift):
This is the ultimate non-surgical facelift using PDO Beauty Threads: prices start from £350 or full face for £1600


Suffering from acne since starting puberty at 11. I persevered with many treatment, pill and washes from doctors, which miserably failed. I finally discovered Lindsey’s miracle treatments. Although I was dubious that this would not work as nothing else has before now, I was willing to try anything. She recommended I have medical microdermabrasion and skin peels to shift the acne, she also suggested I use a dermaroller therapy to treat the scaring left from years of picking and squeezing. I know that without this treatment I would still be going round in circles with prescriptions and high street products which just made things worse for me, my only regret is not finding out about this earlier. Now I am so glad to have finally got clear face and my confidence back, at last I feel like a women and not a spotty teen any more. I am thankful to Lindsey for her care, she made my number one wish come true.

Sarah, Leeds
I have visited many skin clinics over the years with my problematic skin ( acne ) on each and every occasion they have tried to sell me unsuitable products and treatments rather than trying to help me control my skin. Lindsey has not only been extremely helpful and knowledgeable but will also only ever advise on products and treatment that will benefit my skin rather than a hard sell. Not only would I recommend this clinic to others but will not use any other clinic in the future. It makes a refreshing change to know there are still clinics out that that care about customers rather than just wanting to sell products and treatments that are unsuitable

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