Genetic Testing

Being aware of a genetic predisposition to a condition can be very valuable, as when these genes are analysed alongside nutrition specific genes, a comprehensive and effective preventative health plan can be determined to enable you to remain healthy.
What tests are available?

At True You Skin Clinics we offer a Health, Nutrition, Weight and Beauty genetic testing.


Our Health analysis examines our genetic risk of developing conditions such as diabetes and cancer. Genes do not change, but having the genes that code for a disease does not necessarily mean you will get it, many disease-risk genes that require lifestyle factors to activate them.


Our Nutrition analysis shows how your genetics affect the way your body absorbs, converts and utilizes certain nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc) and food ingredients. With this knowledge, we can determine your individual nutritional requirement for specific body systems, and provide you with a detailed and specific individual recommended daily allowance for all the nutrients.


The Weight analysis will reveal whether you are more likely to gain weight from carbohydrates or fats, your ability to feel full or hungry, even how likely your body is to yo-yo between periods of dieting. This information, alongside a list of over 1000 different foods, provides you with the accurate and vital information you need to help reach or maintain your ideal weight.

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What do the  sensors  test  are shown ?

Breast Health Sensor, Colon Health Sensor, Lung Health Sensor, Cardiovascular, Thrombo, Hypertension, Alzheimer, Diabetes, Bone Health , Joint, Gluten , Lactose, IBD, Glaucoma, AMD, Periodontitis, HRT,

Body weight Genes, Pharmacy sensor,

Your Nutrition Type to loose weight

Your Sports Type for Loosing weight

A weight Loss Programme

Nutritional genes, Detoxification, Dietarty supplement,

 Prices start  from  £895

Beauty Genetic Testing

Our Beauty analysis is one of the most comprehensive analyses available on the market. Our genes code for proteins, the building blocks of the body. The most abundant protein in the body is collagen, a crucial element in how our skin appears and keeps the skin looking youthful and healthy. We analyze the genes involved in collagen breakdown and formation specifically to determine the ability of your body to maintain its youthful appearance. Also analyzed are UV protection, inflammatory responses, collagen metabolism and detoxification.

This analysis couples the most successful scientific and effective preventative methods to allow you to slow down your aging processes and enhance your beauty outcomes. £895

My Story

My Story, Lindsey Age 47

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2019, I undertook this test 2 weeks after the result.  I undertook the Health, Nutrition and Weight test .I required chemotherapy , Radiotherapy and reconstruction surgery.


Why did I take the test ?

I was intersted to see if I was had a predisposition to breast cancer ! even though the horse had already bolted.I was also intersted to see how certain medication worked in =my body …. as I knew for the next 5-10 years I would be on certain medication to holt the progression.


So what did I find ?

I had a predisposition to breast cancer , certain drugs that I needed to take for my breast cancer and Hypertension, opiates, tamoxifen , metoprolol. I did not utilise, and breakdown . So my tamoxifen would not have been as effective. I was also suffering from unexplained episodes of dizziness. Which we have now identified through the test that this is caused by the metoprolol causing bradycardia, and this also was identified in the test.

I also gained lots of advice with weight management – what exercise is best for me, that I carry a gene that means when im hungry its a much more intense feeling than normal. This I feel is a contributing factor  to my struggle with my weight  over the years and over eating.


Having know this before  would I have made changes to my lifestyle ?


Absolutely . The results give you  the recommendations to reduce your risk.


You receive a unique book  mine was about 300 pages.


Receiving my own personal Genetics DNA analysis equipped me with the most powerful resources that has potentially changed my life.



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