Profhilo is an innovative  approach to anti ageing which counters acts skin laxity of the face and in areas traditionally difficult to treat , such as the neck , hands and arms.

Profhilo can be used to improve the quality of the skin in all the areas below:

Face, Neck, Hands, Chest, Knees, Backs of Arms and Tummy.

It is used to improve elasticity, hydration , fine lines and wrinkles  .

It has also been seen ti omrove the appearance of acne scars.

For more information please contact our Nurse Practitioner on +44(0)1133458682.

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What is Profhilo ?

Profhilo is an hyaluronic acid  which is injected into the dermis of the skin. 

It integrates into the tissue where it restores the levels of hyaluronic acid naturally in the skin.

What are the benefits of Profhilo ?
Profhilo remodels the skin improving hydration, skin texture and elasticity with long lasting results. It gives a tightening effect to the skin.
How does Profhilo work ?
Profhilo remodels the elasticity matrix in the skin to improve elasticity and support, promoting and maintaining fibroblast activity.
What will happen during my profhilo treatment ?
Your Medical practitioner at True You skin clinics will undergo and thorough medical consultation to ensure you are appropriate for a Profhilo treatment. They will discuss the benefits of the treatment and go through your consent from discussing side effects and complication.
Five injection points will be mark out on each side of the face .
The treatment will be carried out using a needle at each injection point which will leave 5 raise bums at each side of the face.
A topical cream called viscoderm cover up will be applied before you leave.
These bumps to the skin can sometimes last around 24 hours.
You will return in one months time for your second treatment.
What are the side effects of Profhilo ?

Following your treatment you may be left with small raised bumps and these can last up to 24 hours.

Bruising can be a side effect but is rare.


What are the Do and Donts after Profhilo ?
Following your Profhilo treatment you will be required to adghere to the following aftercare.
Avoid touching the area for 6 hours after,
Avoid alcohol for 24 hours
Avoid strenuous exercise for 48 hours
Avoid heat treatment, facials, sauna for 2 weeks
Do not massage the treated area
Ensure you stay hydrated

Full face £500 for two treatments 4 weeks apart

Neck £500 for two treatments 4 weeks apart

Declotte £500 for two treatments 4 weeks apart

Choose two of the above in a single treatment for £800

Choose three of the above in a single treatment for £1000

Maintenace of a single area £250 every 3 months 

Maintenace of two areas £450

Maintenance of three areas  £700


Before & After

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