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  True You Skin Clinics constantly seek to improve and invest in best practice to ensure our patients receive safe , treatments using the latest technology . 

The rise in popularity of the ‘Botox party’ across the UK is of great concern to those of us who are medically trained in administering anti-wrinkle injections. These risky treatments are being performed illegally from homes, and carry great risk – often they yield botched results. In order to raise your awareness our Senior Nurse  Lindsey will  explain why your Botox treatment should only be performed by a  experienced medical professional.

Does your Botox treatment require a prescription ?

Botulinum Toxin also know as Botox, Azzulure , Disport  is a medically regulated product. This is only available by prescription perfomed by a prescribing nurse, doctor  or dentist.

This means that only these  trained  medical professionals can acquire it.  For a non-licensed individual to even obtain Botox without prescription is a breach of the law.

Do medical Professional have access to better quality products ?

Medical professionals have the knowledge to research , and understand clinical research on products they use within their clinics. These products will be obtained from regulated and respected pharmacies within the UK.

Unlicensed products or products perchased abroad  can compromise your safety and simply are not worth the risk.


Do Medical Professionals have a superior knowledge of your anatomy? 

If you attend a highly respected  medical clinic ,  they  will be medically trained professionals . A licensed aesthetics professional will have been trained in how, and where, to administer injections for certain results; they will possess a superior knowledge of your facial anatomy, achieving the optimum results .

Does a medical Professional know how to treat complications ? 

 Even in the safest of hands, Botox treatments can lead to subsequent side effects and, in rare cases, complications. It is perfectly normal, for example, to experience mild discomfort, minor bruising, and even flu-like symptoms for 24-48 hours post-treatment. Yet while a trusted professional will be perfectly placed to advise and guide you through and complications and treat you if necessary. A non-medical individual may unaware of the treatment required. This will lead to anxiety when the appropriate support is unavailable! We’re sure you’ll agree that the expert advice of a  medical professional is always be preferable.

Are medical professional regulated by anyone ?

Nurses, Doctors and dentists  are each regulated by their own regulated body. Nurses are regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council ( NMC). 

If a Nurse is working  full time  in the speciality of aesthetics and dermatology privately we must provide evidence of learning, reflective accounts, evidence of professional indemnity arrangement. This is    no different to that  as  a nurse working within the NHS . Unfortunately non medics are not regulated and do not have to provide  this evidence. 

What questions should I consider before I choose my practitoner?

Its very important that the person who performs the  procedure is medically qualified to do so. Ask for evidence.

In the UK, there is poor licensing and enforcement. That means that it is not always a medical practitoner doing the procedure. Do not assume becuase they are wearing a nursing uniform , scrubs or white coat  that they are a medical professional .

Check if they have insurance, read their reviews, do they have a portfilio of their patients  of before and after you can see.


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What questions should I ask during my consultation to achieve the best results during my Botox treatment .

 If you are considering a  Botox treatment with an experienced medical professional in Leeds and Bradford West Yorkshire, True You Skin Clinics  are here to deliver the safest and highest-quality treatment.  

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