TCA Medical Facial Peel

The TCA Medical Facial Peel is a peel designed to improve the overall skin texture and tone; also excellent for photo damaged skin and comedonal acne. Appropriate for all skin types.

Features and Benefits:

Dissolves the top layers of the stratum corneum
Provides a smoother, softer appearance of the skin
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Evens colouring and lightens pigmentation
To maximise the desired features of this facial treatment, the use of DermaQuest Pre-Skin Therapy’s Skin Resurfacing Program is advisable for at least four to six weeks prior to treatment for lighter skin types, and eight weeks for darker tones. This program recommends using an appropriate cleanser according to the your skin type; Advanced B5 Serum or Peptide Mobilizer, Collagen Activating Complex, DermaHeal, Rejuvederm (pm only), Skin Vitalight or the Skin Lightening Serum (twice a day for hyperpigmented and darker skin tones), and ZinClear SPF 30. These products will provide the support and protection your skin should have before undergoing this treatment.

For one week post treatment, you should follow DermaQuest Skin Therapy Post-Skin Resurfacing Program, which recommends the use of Anti-Inflammatory Cleanser, Advanced B5 Serum, Collagen Activating Complex, Antioxidant Soothing Serum, Skin Vitalight and ZinClear SPF 30. All products must be applied twice daily, except for ZinClear SPF 30, to keep the skin well hydrated post treatment; while the skin is peeling. Post Skin Resurfacing Balm may be applied as well, if deemed necessary.

The skin may appear red and flushed immediately after the treatment. On the second day, peeling may begin around the mouth, chin and cheeks. The neck and forehead are often the last areas to peel. Peeling usually occurs from the second to the fifth/seventh day following treatment. It is important for you to understand the peeling process and not to pull on loose skin. Hyperpigmentation and infection often occur when loose skin is pulled. Treatment should only be performed in a series of 3 (maximum), scheduled 4-6 weeks apart, 1-2 times per year. This is not a regular monthly treatment. Follow up with professional resurfacing treatments such as glycolic peels, lactic peels, pumpkin resurfacers, etc. on a monthly basis.

You must cease from using Retin A for two weeks and no facial waxing for one month prior to the TCA (7%)/Salicylic Acid (2%) Peel. If you are using benzoyl peroxide products, you must cease use for one week prior to the peel. Those who are prone to herpes breakouts can be referred to a physician for a prescription prior to the peel to help avoid breakouts during healing time.

A patch test must be performed at least 72 hours before the actual peel is performed.

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