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This edition of your newsletter takes a closer look at one of our ZO® Medical products, Invisapeel™

Why Use A Peel?

Facial peels, when used correctly, can be used to correct and reduce various skin conditions. From sun damage and hyperpigmentation, (including melasma) to rough texture, dullness and dryness. In addition, reduction of lines and wrinkles, laxity, scars and the overall increase of skin health are all benefits a peel can give you.

What Is Invisapeel™?

Invisapeel™ is a unique at-home peel formulation. It uses a combination of papain and bromelain plant enzymes, in combination with glycolic acid to exfoliate the surface of the skin, improving skin texture and tone. This at-home treatment breaks down the stratum corneum, allowing faster treatment results when additional ZO® products are used.
Key Benefits of Invisapeel™
Smooths uneven, rough-textured skin
Reduces flakiness
Revives dull-looking skin
Improves the visible signs of sun damage
Easily applied to the face or other skin surfaces such as the hands, arms, and legs.
Enhances the results of any following topical skin products
Sutiable for all ages, skin types and conditions

For more information about Invisapeel™, and where it can be purchased, click here.

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