Anti-ageing collagen capsules for healthy skin, hair and nails

Incorporate Proto-col Pure Collagen capsules into your daily supplements and visibly reduce the signs of ageing. These capsules contain VERISOL®bioactive collagen peptides, which have been clinically proven to restore and support healthy skin, hair and nails.

This unique blend of Type I and III collagen peptides is one of the most potent formulations on the market, making it effective at slowing down the signs of ageing and improving your skin and nail condition in as little as four weeks. Pure Collagen capsules have been proven to reduce the depth and volume of wrinkles, to improve skin elasticity and hair thickness, and to improve the growth and quality of fingernails. Find out more about the benefits of taking collagen supplements.

Adding pure collagen capsules into your routine

We recommend a 10-day introduction to boost your collagen intake, starting with Proto-col Collagen Shots. We suggest following this by taking our Collagen Cordial throughout the day, and these Pure Collagen capsules in the evening. We also advise taking these capsules as part of an ‘inside out’ collagen beauty regime in conjunction with good skincare.

Pure Collagen Capsules (2500mg)


Each serving contains 2500mg of collagen, and each pack contains 120 capsules (one month’s supply).

✔ Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
✔ Helps to improve skin tonicity and firmness
✔ Helps to increase hair thickness and nail growth
✔ Easy-to-swallow capsules
✔ 2500mg pure Type I and Type III collagen


Increase in
pro collagen I after 56 days

Proto-col Pure Collagen capsules are formulated with VERISOL®, a Bioactive Collagen Peptide that has been clinically proven to stimulate the body’s own collagen production and support healthier skin, hair and nails. The placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical studies carried out reported the following improvements:

Collagen peptides for healthier skin, hair and nails:

After 28 days

increase in skin elasticity

After 56 days

reduction in wrinkle volume

increase in elastin

After 6 months

of women said their nails grew faster and longer

reduction in the appearance of cellulite

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Collagen capsules for skin, hair and nails

Give your skin a boost with Pure Collagen capsules, which also work to support healthy hair and nails. These collagen tablets are so effective because they contain VERISOL®, which has a true digestibility of 98.4%, making it among the most potent formulations available. This is because it contains a unique peptide chain structure remarkably rich in amino acid proline. The strong peptide bonds stay intact during digestion and directly stimulate cell metabolism.

VERISOL® works at a deeper level, by stimulating the body’s own collagen production. While most creams and topical products only target the outer layers of your skin, VERISOL® systemically affects collagen metabolism in the dermis. By consuming Pure Collagen tablets orally, you will therefore be influencing your skin’s collagen metabolism directly from the inside for maximum impact.



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